The PondMAX CW750 Clear Water Pump and Filter Kit makes installing your new filtration system very easy. This is a complete pump and filter system that offers the perfect solution for ponds up to 750 gallons that do not contain fish and 375 gallons for garden ponds with fish. Each water pump and filter kit also includes a Bonus PondMAX Clarifier Bacteria for FREE. This pond filter and pump comes with a pressure filter that includes a nine watt UV-C, a filtration and waterfall pump, a 25 foot non-kink pond hose, four stainless steel hose clamps, and eight ounces of the PondMAX BactiMax Bacteria Clarifier. The max flow for this pump and filter kit is 1000 GPH. When you purchase a pond filter and pump together, you will ensure that your garden pond is well oxygenated to keep your fish happy and healthy. With the PondMAX CW750 Clear Water Pump and Filter Kit, your pond maintenance will be easy, and your pond water will stay clear and beautiful.


  • Pressure Filter w/ UVC
  • Filtration/Waterfall Pump
  • 25’ of Non-Kink Pond Hose
  • (4) Stainless Steel Hose Clamps
  • 8oz. BactiMAX Bacteria Clarifier


  • Maximum Pond Size Without Fish Shaded:750 Gallons
  • Maximum Pond Size With Fish Full Sun:375 Gallons
  • Max Flow:1000 GPH
  • UV-C:9 Watts
  • How-To-Video for Installation



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“Thanks to Jason who was able to fix a situation without any problems quickly and professionally making my job so much easier.”