Non-Kink Hose

PondMAX Non-Kink Pond Hose is the easiest, strongest and preferred hose to use when installing PondMax Pressurized Filters. Unlike standard Flex pipe, this is metal re-inforced for extra sturdiness! It also allows for maximum flexibility and is able to coil and turn in conditions that require very tight radii, maximizing the performance of any Pond Pump and filter. Available in sizes ranging from 1/2″ in diameter to 2″ in diameter.

  • PondMAX Non-Kink Hose 3/4in X 100ft 30RM002
  • PondMAX Non-Kink Hose 1in X 25ft 30RM003
  • PondMAX Non-Kink Hose 1in X 100ft 30RM005
  • PondMAX Non-Kink Hose 1-1/4inX 100ft 30RM008
  • PondMAX Non-Kink Hose 1-1/2inX25ft 30RM009
  • PondMAX Non-Kink Hose 1-1/2inX 100ft 30RM011
  • PondMAX Non-Kink Hose 2in X 25ft 30RM012
  • PondMAX Non-Kink Hose 2in X 100ft 30RM014
  • PondMAX Non-Kink Hose 1/2in X 100ft 30RM031

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