CleanMAX+, Complete Pond Cleaner

CleanMAX+ is the most popular pond cleaner from PondMAX. CleanMAX+ is formulated to work effectively in keeping your water clean an clear. You will see fantastic results within in a few days of application and finally clean water throughout. Use CleanMAX+ on ponds of all sizes up to 192,000 gallons. It is highly recommended to start using Bactimax+, beneficial bacteria, a few days after your application of CleanMAX+ to digest the dead debris and prevent the return of murky water.

  • Creates a healthy and clear aquatic environment
  • Reduces overall pond maintenance
  • Works to eliminate unwanted aquatic debris
  • 8 oz (03PT010) Treats: 4,800 Gallons
  • 16 oz (03PT011) Treats: 9,600 Gallons
  • 32 oz (03PT012) Treats: 19,200 Gallons
  • 64 oz (03PT013) Treats: 38,400 Gallons
  • 1 Gal (03PT014) Treats: 76,800 Gallons
  • 2.5 Gal (03PT015) Treats: 192,00 Gallons

I’ve used this product for one reason: it works! My pond stays clear!


The water is as clear as when it came out of the tap.


This is a life changer. We add it weekly, and our pond is CRYSTAL clear. It doesn't harm the pond plants, and of course, doesn't harm the fish. Excellent product. We have been able to cut down on the frequency of professional pond cleaning since adding CleanMAX+. Wonderful!

Grant A.

This stuff really works! Awesome at getting that pond sludge out!


The best algae treatment I've been able to find. A small dose once a week is enough to get rid of the string algae growing on the sides of my pond. Perfectly safe for the fish too which was my top concern as I've heard horror stories of other brands killing the fish. PondMAX CleanMax+ is the only treatment I trust.

Mark P.

I use this & BactiMax+ to keep my pond clear.This stuff really works. Just use as directed. Carefully add just what is recommended, no need to use more.

Jake J.

Your product did an excellent job of cleaning our water feature which is a major landscaping focal point of our backyard. We have tried several other products that promised to clean our water feature to no avail. Upon discovering your product we are elated as it has brought renewed joy to our family and visiting friends as it has renewed the health of the water, rocks, and waterfalls. We will continue to purchase your product and we recommend it to folks that visit our backyard feature.

Laura F.

I'd used many different pond cleaners/algae removers and This product has done the job the others claim to do. I've spent $100’s of dollars on pond maintenance and I have my pond cleaned twice a year. Every summer the pond looks horrible due to string and other algae strains. I've bought the larger bottle on my second purchase, I recommend buying the lager amount the first.

Rick N.

One of the best pond cleaners on the market. This company is awesome.

Patricia S.

Works perfectly and results in my 400 GAL. pond were less than a week. Green algae turned brown and water stays clear. I've tried plenty of other brands but never worked very well. This stuff is amazing and well worth the price, will be back for more when I run low. I am pleased 100%

Damian W.

I love this product. I feel like it clears up my pond water within minutes. I noticed it also helps the fountain and other smaller fountain statues produce a stronger stream. And keeps the plants in the water cleaner!

Sabrina G.

This product works well. I would recommend for anyone, like us, who doesn't have a bottom drain and where junk gets built up on the bottom and sediment flows in the water column. One dose later & give it 2 weeks and it's usually free and clear.

Joe L.

Have used for the last 3 years and am very pleased with the results of Cleanmax +. It typically takes a few days to reduce the green water in my pond, but works well overall.

Frank K.

This is the most effective all purpose pond cleaner I have found!

Hollis G.

Best pond cleaner I have found in the 11 years of my pond. Nice clear water all the time!

Karen J.

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