PX Series High Flow WF PUMP

PondMAX PX Series High Flow Waterfall Pump is great for medium to large backyard ponds and waterfalls. The PX series features a run dry and impeller jamming protection technology to give you a long life of enjoyment. These adjustable and single speed pumps allows you to change the speed to 3 different settings. Based on your exact requirements to save energy. Adjustable speed pumps for ponds can also allow for the flexibility to provide more flow when you need to backwash a pressure filter.

  • 2 inch inlet and outlet
  • Energy efficient
  • Large intake screen
  • Can handle 6mm particles
  • 32ft outdoor cable
  • PX4500A High Flow WF Pump Adjustable Speed 22PX246
  • PX4500 High Flow WF Pump Single Speed 22PX245

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