PondMAX is water gardening to the MAX. In every area of our business we strive to maximize, improve and go beyond.

Designed in Australia for harsh Australian conditions, the PondMAX range has proved itself to be able to withstand the most challenging conditions. Sharing in the Australian founders mission to help people Discover, Create and Enjoy beautiful water gardens, we are passionate about what we do.

developing and supporting a range of products that well, just work. PondMAX is now over 10 years old with 30 years of experience and expertise behind it. You can be rest assured about buying a PondMAX product, it’s water gardening to the MAX.

PondMAX is part of the Castle Aquatics Network

Castle Aquatics is proud to be the home of The Water Gardening Experts! Our mission is to support and inspire a successful network of water garden dealers throughout North America.

Founded in 1994, we pride ourselves on the core principles that have made us strong over time—commitment to providing the best water gardening products and delivering exceptional customer service.

With over 1.5K products available, we offer a diverse range of water gardening brands including Teton and PondMAX, and a broad network of dealers, DIYers, and contractors.

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