AlgaeSTOP Controls Algae Growth

  • Works fast to stop algae growth
  • Proven to control formation of new algae
  • Effectively maintains green water in aquariums, fountains, fish ponds, water gardens & plant displays
  • 03PT111 AlgaeSTOP 16 oz - Treats 9,600 Gal
  • 03PT112 AlgaeSTOP 32 oz - Treats 19,200 Gal
  • 03PT113 AlgaeSTOP 64 oz - Treats 38,400 Gal
  • 03PT114 AlgaeSTOP 1 Gal - Treats 76,800 Gal
  • 03PT115 AlgaeSTOP 2.5 Gal - Treats 192,000 Gal

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