PondMAX Submersible In-Pond Skimmer

The PondMAX PS300 In-Pond Skimmer effectively removes leaves and other floating debris from the pond surface. The PS300 is an ideal solution for those who don’t have an existing skimmer in the water but would like to have the benefits of having one. The PS300 is truly a great choice for anyone who wants a simple solution for their pond skimming needs.

  • Great for new or existing retrofit applications
  • Telescoping design suitable for a variety of pond depth
  • Large receptacle base for weighting down skimmer
  • Easy to remove debris basket
  • Pond Surface Area, Max (Sqft.) 300
  • Minimum Flow Rate (GPH) 1500
  • Maximum Flow Rate (GPH) 4000
  • Minimum Water Depth (Inch) 22
  • Maximum Water Depth (Inch) 36
  • Stepped Hosetail Size (Inch) 1 / 1.25 / 1.5
  • Outlet-Male Pipe Thread (Inch) 1.5

Very easy to set up, hook up, and clean !


Awesome addition to the pond. Came two days before it said it was going to be here. A++++

Dewayne C.

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