Warm White LED Complete Light Kit

Combining the latest LED design with high quality glass reinforced plastic, this light is ultimate for any pond and garden owner. This soft warm white light outputs only 5.3 Watts of power, and comes complete with weighted base, garden spike and transformer for plug-and-play use in or out of your pond.

  • 12 Volt Transformer
  • Energy Efficient/Low Wattage
  • For Use In or Out Of Water
  • Small Warm White LED Complete Light Kit 24PL694
  • Large Warm White LED Complete Light Kit 24PL696
  • Cable Length: 16 Ft.
  • How to Video:

These lights are a huge step up from the ones I had been previously using. My pond is 25'x15' across and two of the three lights are enough to fully illuminate the entirety of the pond, while the third is aimed at the waterfall and the landscaping behind it. After installing it, I opted to add the remote with dimmer to the system to help keep the fish from being bathed in what appeared to be daylight 24/7.

Derek B.

This is a perfect add-on light. Works well in deep water and has a nice strong beam

Jim M.

Can’t say enough about these PondMAX lights. Upgraded from cheap solar. You buy a starter set then can add them in a chain up to the max wattage. I’ve got 5 hooked up and can add 2 more later if needed. They have them in warm white or multicolored changing versions.

Rob C.

Brand new pond started out with one PondMAX setup and soon saw the need for at least one more. I'm hooked and will probably end up with three or more lights in a 14' x 16' pond. Should have bought the three light kit to begin with.


I have PondMAX lights and they have been great, long lasting (coming up to 8 years now), 2 sets 3 lights.

Liz G.

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