Filtration & Waterfall Pump

Filtration Waterfall Pump is the industry’s most revolutionary design with SMARTMAG technology and with an optional dual intake.

  • Built-in SMART MAG motor protection
  • Solids Handling-up to 3/8"
  • Stepped fittings to accommodate a variety of tubing sizes
  • EP700 Filtration & Waterfall Pump 22PD041
  • EP1000 Filtration & Waterfall Pump 22PD042
  • EP1700 Filtration & Waterfall Pump 22PD0443
  • EP2300 Filtration & Waterfall Pump 22PD044
  • EP2900 Filtration & Waterfall Pump 22PD045
  • EP3500 Filtration & Waterfall Pump 22PD046

This pump is exactly what we needed to get our pond cleared up. Little did we know that the pump we had was too small for the PondMAX PF2400 filter that we had.


I love that it comes with a super long cord and was relatively simple to assemble.

Julia R.

The PondMAX Evo II EP 2300 pump came pretty much ready to install. It came with several outflow options for different applications, the power cord is plenty long for multiple placement options and the pump housing is a nice rugged plastic for durability. The water volume is more than I had anticipated for our 1200 gal pond, but a nice surprise.


I was looking for a low maintenance circulation pump. PondMAX was my first choice because of my past purchases and my trust in the brand.

Jim M.

It was an easy installation!

Carol M.

Overnight my 300 gallon pond was crystal clear! Fish are happy and healthy!

Marjorie L.

We LOVE our fish pond! Currently have a mating pair of koi and gold fish. So soothing to watch the fish and listen to the water flow!

Darlene R.

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